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Axel Hecklau is an international star of magic; a well known working pro in Germany who has been in magic for over 30 years. He has performed and lectured in more than 60 venues including New York, FFFF, FISM, Magic Castle, Philadelphia, Barcelona, Chicago, French National Convention Paris, Vienna, Rome, Monte Carlo, Berlin...

Axel has an astonishing record in magic competitions; out of the 15 events he competed in, 14 prizes were won! His most notable awards include? FISM 1988, 2nd place (Great Illusions) and FISM 2003, 6th place and a standing ovation!

This lecture (parlour, stage and close-up) contains no "B" material. Everything is taken from his active repertoire and proofed in hundreds? of shows in front of laypeople. Some the routines that will be demonstrated include:

  • ONE:Twist
    A not hard to execute torn and restored card with an surprising and memorable ending.

  • The center tear
    Mind reading at it ?s best. A very practical routine with a great impact.

  • Newsflash
    The most visual torn and restored newspaper. Easy to do with any newspa- performat worldwide

  • Spoonaround
    Spoon to fork, but with an additional effect and a great story.

  • Out of this world extreme
    Do OOTW in a bar, out of a shuffled borrowed deck with no table.

  • TWO:Fusion
    The most romantic card trick. The perfect version of the "Anniversary Walz Plot". This you will perform on every wedding gig.

  • Just a cup
    This is not a chop cup - this is simply better. New technique, more flexibility, more and stronger effects, great structured routine.

And many more...