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Peter Eggink is a well-known name in the field of magicians, being synonymous with both the performance of magic and the creation of some of the most amazing magical effects. Magicians around the globe including TV star magicians Dynamo and David Blaine perform Peter's creations!

Peter's new lecture covers subjects such as personality, presentation, people skills and how to become successful as an artist: What are the secrets? -Peter is going to reveal them to you. In addition he will give you advise on how to make your magic look better and tips as for working in the REAL world for REAL people. Besides performing and explaining a range of his popular marketed effects, Peter also zooms-in on his handling of some basic essentials like the Double-Lift and Top-Change. With over 20 years of experience, Peter knows the "real secrets" of being a successful magician and shares them with magicians around the globe.