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Roni's lecture has been postponed due to health problems. We wish him well and look forward to a future visit.

Thursday evening will now be an informal pocket trick night - please bring a trick or two to share. There will be also be the opportunity to view and purchase items from David Cookson's magic collection of books and magazines, tricks, lecture notes and DVD's. There will be a bargain box of the stands, frames, rings,and dice etc. There will be on offer a large number of packs of cards including Bicycle Decks, Brainwave, Invisible, Boris Wild Marked Deck, Phil decks, vintage Svengali packs, Mirage Deck and everything you need to learn the Simon Aronson Stack and other trick decks, and the bits of "useful" accessories that all magicians accumulate, Michael will circulate lists of some of the items in David's collection.

We look forward to everyone's cooperation in creating a great club night.