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Steve has been a full-time professional magician for the last ten years, and has worked as a street performer since 1996. Specialising in both close-up and stage magic, Steve is one of the few who manage to blend humour and entertainment with a high level of skill and dexterity.

With strict criteria (that every routine he performs has to be entertaining for the layperson) all of Steve's material is memorable, easy to follow and rewarding to learn.

He truly believes that we can all learn anything if we approach it in the right way and is proof that someone who is naturally cack-handed can learn the most difficult sleights, and become an accomplished performer with the right attitude.

Steve's recent book, Go Do, explores his thoughts on keeping motivated whilst achieving our full potential and he will be sharing his methods on this in the lecture.

The lecture will appeal to all levels, from beginners to move-monkeys, and promises to be a truly entertaining event.

  • 2005 British Street Performing Champion
  • 2009 British Street Performing Champion
  • Magic circle close-up magician of the year 2010, 2nd place