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Woody Aragon is not just an outstanding card magician and technician, he is above all an incredibly entertaining magical performer. Woody has appeared on international television programs in Spain, Germany and the United States.

His many awards include:
  • 2005 Spanish Champion of Card Magic
  • 2011 1st Place McMillan's International Convention Award
  • 2011 2nd Prize in Card Magic at the FISM North American Championships
  • 2011 The Society of American Magician's "People's Choice Award" and "Excellence in Close-Up Magic Awards"

His latest book, 'A Book in English', is the top selling magic book of the last 6 months and has been getting rave reviews, in the meantime his newly released DVD set 'Woodyland' has become an instant hit.

While specialising in card magic, most of what Woody teaches in his lecture is very easy to follow, understand, and do! This lecture is not to be missed.