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Ferran Rizo is a professional magician from Spain who last year toured the UK with his lecture "With the Rizos". He is back by popular demand with unique and original effects from his professional repertoire "With the Rizos again". Every trick that he will teach has been tested on real audiences and perfected over 1000s of performances. We also welcome Ferran's wife, Nataly, who is a choreographer, dancer and magician.

Here are some of the effects that will be taught in the lecture (content from Ferran's press release):

King Father: "This is the story about a king and his three sons that pretend to be kings but in fact they are not..." this is the begin of this classic effect based on ace assembly but performed in an original way with clear and easy handling. An effect that you will fool magicians with every vanish.

Washed Deck: in this original plot, you will show a complete blank deck of playing cards, then like a magical painter the magician will paint one by one the four aces of the deck. As a big finale, the deck will transform into an ordinary deck to continue your seance. An unbelievable trick for the audience

Musical Coins: A trick with no voice in which the hands will dance at the music and will make three coins appear from an invisible purse then vanish in the thin air. A fantastic and poetic trick to include in your act giving an artistic look to your season.

My rising cards: This is one of the Ferran favourite trick and one of the most powerful trick to the audience you could perform at close-up. In Ferran's version you will be able to let the audience examine the deck at the begin and at the end of the routine without knowing the secret. This is a personal version in which Ferran has worked from the begin of his magical professional career with passion.

The Storm: In this trick, you will be made all your audience participate in a small miracle. Your spectators will become actors and extras of a film. The first actor represented by a card will immersed in the vastness of the deck that represent the sea. Suddenly a storm will make the card be imperil but the magician will have made it disapear and reappear in an impossible place

Torn and restored: Discover a new and practical way to perform this classic effect

Ferran & Nataly Rizo came highly recommended to me by Juan Tamariz and when I saw their lecture I could see why. They are a highly skilled and very likeable couple and have some wonderful routines and effects for members of all skill levels. I would recommend them for any club night!

Steve Gore