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Title Author Type
M.I.N.T. Ed Marlo Book
Magi Magic Len J. Sewel Booklet
Magi Magoria Manchester Magi Large Book
Magic (Vol 13 - 15) Ellis Stanyon Large Book
Magic (Vol 9 - 12) Ellis Stanyon Large Book
Magic - On Stage Wally Reid Book
Magic and Showmanship Henning Nelms Book
Magic annual 1907 Will Goldston Large Book
Magic annual 1908 Will Goldston Large Book
Magic annual 1910 Will Goldston Large Book
Magic as a pastime Geoffrey Robinson Book
Magic at the Dining Table Matthew Garrett Booklet
Magic balloons Ken de Courcy Booklet
Magic Book Milbourne Christopher Book
Magic By Apparatus Sam Dalal Booklet
Magic by Gosh Albert Goshman Video
Magic By Misdirection Sam Dalal Booklet
Magic Catalogue William Doerflinger Catalog
Magic Circle Magic The Magic Circle Book
Magic Circle Magic The Magic Circle Book
Magic for All Bob Dunn Book
Magic for Beginners Harry Baron Book
Magic for Children - It's Magic Robert Ziekman Booklet
Magic for Everyone Chris Wardle Book
Magic for the New Millenium Sheffield Circle of Magic Booklet
Magic From Your Pocket Bill Severn Book
Magic Handbook Science & Mechanics Booklet
Magic Handbook Peter Eldin Book
Magic in a Game John Palfreyman Booklet
Magic in Cabaret Land Ken de Courcy Booklet
Magic in Mind Bill Severn Book
Magic in Theory Richard Wiseman & Peter Lamont Book
Magic made easy David Devant Book
Magic Magazine Vol 4 Max Andrews Booklet
Magic Man David Blaine DVD
Magic Manuscript Karrell Fox Booklet
Magic Menu - Year Two Jim Sisti Booklet
Magic Mirror Number One Adrian Harris Booklet
Magic Mirror Number Two Adrian Harris Booklet
Magic of Allan Lambie Tony Taylor & Micky Hades Booklet
Magic of Louis Histed Louis Histed Book
Magic of Pavel Pavel Book
Magic of Pavel Pavel Large Book
Magic of Robert Harbin Robert Harbin Special
Magic of Slydini Lewis Ganson Book
Magic of the Hands Edward Victor Book
Magic of the Masters Jack Delvin Book
Magic on Prescription Peter Moffat Book
Magic Simplified Harry Baron Book
Magic Tricks Christiane Neuville Book
Magic With Ease Sam Dalal Booklet
Magic with science Walter B. Gibson Book
Magical Adventures and Fairy Tales Punx Large Book
Magical Beginnings James Breedon Booklet
Magical Compere Laurie Booklet
Magical Fun with Magic Squares Frank Blaisdell Book
Magical Masterpieces Louis Nikola Book
Magical Menu Ian Adair Unknown
Magical menu course 1 - entertaining children Ian Adair Booklet
Magical Rope Ties & Escapes Harry Houdini Book
MagiCartoons Fabrini Booklet
Magician - 50th Anniversary New Zealand Booklet
Magician of Lublin I.B. Singer Book
Magicians Handbook Robert Parish Book
Magicwith everyday Objects George Schindler Book
Mainly Manipulative Magic John Alborough Large Book
Make up of magic Micky Hades Booklet
Making a Shadowgraph Show Eric Hawkesworth Book
Malini and his Magic Dai Vernon Large Book
Manual of Magic U.F. Grant Booklet
Manual of Restaurant Magic Kirk Charles Book
Mark Wilson's Course in Magic Vol 2 Mark Wilson Video
Mark Wilson's Course in Magic Vol 3 Mark Wilson Video
Martin's Magical Inventions Martin Lewis Booklet
Maskeylene on the Performance of Magic Neville Maskelyne Book
Match stick magic Will Blyth Book
McComb's Magic Billy McComb Large Book
McCombs Magic - 25 Years Wiser Billy McComb Large Book
Meir Yedid's Fabulous Close-up Lecture International Magic Video
Mental Masterpieces Volume 2 Larry Becker Video
Mental Miracles The Great Dellini Booklet
Mentalism for connoisseurs Stanton Carlisle Booklet
Merry Bits and Patter Quips Various Unknown
Micro Magic Ghost Show Arthur Setterington Booklet
Miscellaneous conjuring tricks Professor Hoffman Book
Modern Chemical Magic John D. Lippy Book
Modern conjuring Paul Bruton Book
Modern Conjuring for Amateurs J.C. Cannell Book
Modern Magic Professor Hoffman Large Book
Modern magic Bert Douglas Book
Modern Magic Manual Jean Hugard Book
Modern Magic Manual Jean Hugard Book
Modern Master Mysteries Brunel White Book
Modern Sleights Brian MacCarthy Booklet
Moments of Magic Mike Gancia Booklet
Money magic Will Blyth Unknown
Moore or Les Bob Moore Booklet
Moore the Merrier Bob Moore Booklet
More fun with ballloons Van Dyke Unknown
More Magic Paul Daniels Book
More magic Professor Hoffman Unknown
More Magic of the Hands Edward Victor Unknown
More Nagic from the Attic Joe Givan Booklet
More novel notions for magical entertain Robertson Keene Book
More Professional Card Tricks Walt Lees Booklet
More Self-working Card Tricks Karl Fulves Book
More Self-Working Card Tricks Karl Fulves Book
More tricks and puzzles Will Goldston Book
More ventriloquist vitality Val Andrews Booklet
Most Unpleasant World Penn & Teller Video
Much Ado About Something Karrell Fox Book
My kind of Magic Alan Shaxon Book
My Latest Book Karrell Fox Large Book
My Latest Book Karrell Fox Book
My magic life David Devant Book
My Mysteries Original Conjuring Tricks Ivor C. Smith Book
Mysteries of My Life Richard Kaufman Large Book
Mysteries of the Mystic Seven Mystic 7 Society Booklet
Mystifying Card Tricks Bob Longe Book


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