Titles begining with the letter "B"

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Title Author Type
Baby Totat Paul Hallas Booklet
Bakers Bonanza Hugh Miller Book
Baking a Cake Jimmy Bates Large Book
Balloon Magic Marvin Hardy Book
Bar Magic - Doc Eason Live Doc Eason Video
Basic Card Techniques Simon Lovell Book
Bed Time Ken de Courcy Booklet
Bells book of Tricks Patrick Page Book
Bernard Billis Stars of Magic Bernard Billis Video
Best of Belcher Len Belcher Large Book
Best of Spellbinder Stephen Tucker Book
Better Magic Marrion Hardy Book
Big Book of Magic Patrick Page Large Book
Big Bubbles Balloon Act Aldo Colombini Booklet
Big Show Val Andrews Booklet
Billy Benbow's best Bill Lainsbury Booklet
Birthday Cards Ken de Courcy Booklet
Black Art Well Tricks for the 80's Peter Warlock Booklet
Black Video Black Hart Video
Black Voodoo Black Hart Video
BLACKY'S Show Xavier Hodges Video
Blue Spotitis (and other oddities) Ken de Courcy Booklet
Bob Ostin's Transatlantic Lecture Bob Ostin Video
Book of Card Tricks R. Kunard Book
Book of Magic Eddie Dawes & Arthur Setterington Book
Book of Magic Charles Frederick Large Book
Boys book of Magic Hereward Carrington Book
Bringing Home the Laughs David Ginn Booklet
Business of Comedy Magic Ian Ray Booklet


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