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Title Author Type
Daemons, Darklings & Doppelgangers Tony Shiels Book
David Costi's 2nd Close-up Lecture International Magic Video
David Howarth's Miracles of Magic Derek Lever Booklet
David Howarth's Miracles of Magic Volume 2 Derek Lever Booklet
Dealing with Magic Ian Adair Book
Demon Magic Catalogue Davenports Catalog
Destroyers (Troy Hooser's Magic) Joshua Jay Book
Dia Vernon Revelations 15 & 16 Dai Vernon Video
Dia Vernon Revelations 17 Dai Vernon Video
Dia Vernon's Symphony of the rings Lewis Ganson Booklet
Diamond Jubilee Memoirs Mark Raffles Booklet
Dirty Dozen Routines for Close-up Stephen Tucker Video
Don't Try this at Home Penn & Teller Video
Don't Work so Hard John Lenehan Booklet
Dove Dexterity Ian Adair Booklet
Drawing room entertainer C.H. Bullivant Book
Dream Poker with a Kicker Herb Rungay Booklet
Dubbelkross & Simulkross Ken de Courcy Booklet
Dynamic Mentalism Stanton Carlisle Large Book
Dynamic Mentalism Stanton Carlisle Book


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