Titles begining with the letter "H"

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Title Author Type
Half-a-dozen hummers Bob Hummer Booklet
Hand picked howlers Cecil Hunt Book
Hand Shadows Louis Nikola Book
Handbook of Magic Marvin Kaye Book
Handbook of Mental Magic Marvin Kaye Book
Happy Magic 2 Charles Waller Booklet
Henry Gordon's world of magic Henry Gordon Book
Hercats conjuring up to date Hercat Book
Hidden in Plain sight Kirk Charles & Boris Wild Book
Highly Mediocre Tricks Peter Mcdonald Booklet
HMC Membership - A history Brian Waltham Large Book
Hofner quintet John Hofner Booklet
Hot Stacks and Cold Decks Al Smith Booklet
Houdini Escapes Walter B. Gibson Book
HoudinI Experience Ken de Courcy Booklet
How to be a Conjuror Robert Harbin Book
How to be a Ventriloquist Supreme Booklet
How to become a Supreme magician Ian Adair Book
How to Ensure a Full Datebook David Hemmingway Booklet
How to ensure a full datebook David Hemingway Booklet


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